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charlotte alimony attorneyAs longtime Charlotte alimony attorneys, we know firsthand that spousal support can be a very effective resource for divorcing spouses — but only when the process is handled correctly.

You may have heard horror stories about spouses that end up overpaying to former companions who didn’t really need the money to begin with. Or, about worthy alimony recipients that were shortchanged. The alimony system can be a flawed one, but not when you have qualified Charlotte alimony lawyers in your corner.

With our team, you can make sure that a fair agreement is in place.

  • If you are responsible to issue your former spouse support payments, then our alimony attorneys in Charlotte NC will make sure that you are not overpaying — rather, you will be asked to make reasonable payments for a fair amount of time.
  • On the other side of the equation, our alimony lawyers in Charlotte NC will make sure you receive enough compensation to cover your financial needs. If you are a man or woman that sacrificed a professional career for the good of a marriage, you are entitled to support payments so you can successfully transition to a single lifestyle.

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The court will rule on alimony based on a few rough factors — things like the length of a marriage, earning potential of both spouses, special needs and more. As your Charlotte alimony attorneys, our team will diligently consider all the details of your life situation, and those of your soon-to-be ex-spouse, to help craft a mutually beneficial agreement.

These Charlotte alimony lawyers will advocate for you so that you do not become the victim of a one-sided agreement.

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