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Growing your family through adoption is not only an emotional experience but it can be challenging too, unless you hire a Pittsburgh adoption attorney to help you every step of the way. Applying for adoption requires serious consideration and consent from you and your spouse, but there are other requirements that need to be met before you can adopt and add a new member to your family. That said, consulting our Pittsburgh adoption lawyer can help you understand the adoption process better, so you will know what to expect during the proceedings. Adoption doesn’t happen overnight; it can take months even years depending on what kind of adoption you are applying for.

Types of Adoptions

Like it was mentioned above, there are different types of adoptions to choose from such as:

  • International adoptions. As the name suggests, adopting a child from another country comes with several legal hurdles that you need to pass before being able to bring the child in the country. If you are interested in welcoming a child from another country into your home, having our Pittsburgh adoption attorney assist you can help ease stress and simplify the process.
  • Stepparent adoption. Remarried couples often seek stepparent adoption to legally bind their children from another marriage as their own. This helps do away with any legal distinction such as “my children” and “your children”. Our Pittsburgh adoption lawyer will make sure all the paperwork is in order for a smooth process.

Hire Our Adoption Attorney in Pittsburgh PA

Regardless of the type of adoption you will be applying for, make sure that you contact our adoption lawyer in Pittsburgh PA to get the legal assistance you need. We understand that adopting is a huge decision that is why our Pittsburgh adoption attorney will make sure you undergo the right process to make your adoption legal and binding and without any problems in the future.

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