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orem adoption attorneyAn Orem adoption attorney can help you complete the joyful experience of adoption that can be overwhelming for most families. You can sit back and feel the joy of adopting a child while an Orem adoption attorney will take care of all the legal formalities involved in the process. 

Our adoption attorney in Orem UT will counsel and represent you in protecting all your interest and overcome all the hurdles that arise while trying to adopt a child. Our adoption lawyer in Orem UT understands the timeline and the finalization of the legal process are important for you and the child you want to raise. 

In addition to the adoption of a child, our Orem adoption attorney will help you in other forms of adoption:


Getting the consent of the biological parents is the primary component of this process. If the whereabouts of the biological parents is uncertain, then a publication of the notice in a newspaper about the last location of the child is required. 


To be eligible for this option, it must be proved that the child is available for adoption. An Orem adoption attorney can guide you through this process. 


Custodial adoption requires you to present a proof of consultation about the child with the local County Social Service Department. Children who are subject to neglect litigation are ineligible for adoption. 

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Adult adoption

Specific consent forms are required. The party to be adopted must also be served with a summons and petition.

Co-parent adoption

This allows two unmarried people to adopt a child and be the acting co-parents of an adopted child. This can be possible in cases where the adopting parents are of the same sex or when two unmarried heterosexual couples wish to adopt each other’s children and become co-parents. 

Foreign adoption

You will need a notarized translation of the foreign adoption decree. 

Our Orem adoption attorney will take care of everything right from preparing your petition to the adoption hearing itself. To receive a no-obligation consultation, simply fill out our online form.

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