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Detroit adoption attorney

Adoptions come in many forms and are surrounded by a unique set of circumstances, which is why we have a Detroit adoption attorney on our team that specializes in essentially all facets of adoption.

Having a savvy Detroit adoption lawyer in your corner as you head into the proceedings will help prepare you for the process ahead and increase your chances of a smooth, joyful adoption.

We have a Detroit adoption attorney that specializes in your situation

If you are embarking on the journey to adoption of any kind, we have experienced professionals you can talk to and get the guidance that you need. We have an adoption lawyer in Detroit MI that specializes in:

  • Foreign adoptions: It’s pertinent to connect with a reputable agency. Our Detroit adoption attorney will help you do that and also avoid many of the other relatively common pitfalls that come with this type of adoption.
  • Grandparent or stepparent adoption: Your Detroit adoption lawyer will walk you through the process of gaining the consent of the natural parent or having their parental rights legally terminated, in addition to adopting a grandchild or stepchild.
  • Interstate adoptions: We also work with both sides of this type of adoption, helping to facilitate a legally sound process that best represents the wishes of our clients.

Adoption is supposed to be an exciting and rewarding time. You should be happy about the prospect of your family growing. We want to minimize or even eliminate the legal hurdles that could stand between you and the outcome that you are looking forward to.

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