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denver adoption attorney

If you are living in Denver CO and you decide to expand your family through adoption, the process can be overwhelming. Mostly because adoption law can be a very rigorous legal process therefore, a Denver adoption attorney should handle your case. We understand adoption law and we will always listen to your needs throughout the process. We will assign the best Denver adoption attorney so that the overall process can be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Important Information About Adopting in Colorado

Colorado law on adoption tries, as much as possible, to keep children with their biological parents. When this is no longer possible, a Denver adoption attorney should be involved in representing the adoptive parents. The law also aims at making sure the children have a permanent adoptive home.

To be an adoptive parent, there are many different requirements you will have to meet. Here are a few as explained by a Denver adoption lawyer.

  • 21 years of age is the minimum requirement
  • The adoptive parent should not have any criminal records that include any crimes against children such as child neglect and abuse.
  • Proof of financial stability

It does not matter whether you are married or not, however, married couples will often get priority.

Denver Adoption Attorney Next Steps

Once you are qualified to become an adoptive parent a Denver adoption lawyer can guide you through the process. This includes determining whether the adoption will be open or closed. Also, where the child lives after the adoption is crucial. Your adoption attorney in Denver CO will give you the overall process of what to expect before you can take a child home

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