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columbus adoption attorney

A Columbus adoption attorney is one of the best resources you could possibly have if you are considering adoption. Just like any legally-binding process, there is plenty of legal red tape to navigate during adoption and these legal professionals will help you do so.

We want to connect you with a Columbus adoption lawyer that can help you in your situation. Whether you are looking to adopt a member of your family, internationally or from the state’s foster care system, we can provide the guidance that you need.

Our Columbus Adoption Attorney Will Help You With 

  • Explain your legal rights for adoption. We will lay out all the necessary options available to you and how you can go about reaching your end goals. As a specialized adoption lawyer in Columbus OH, we have an extensive knowledge of adoption laws throughout Ohio and the rest of the country.
  • Talk to you about assisted reproduction laws. This is becoming more and more of issue as an increasing number of couples are resorting to assisted reproduction (i.e. surrogates) to conceive a child.
  • Your Columbus adoption attorney can also help you develop an extensive adoption plan, so that you have a blueprint in front of you as you head into the process.

Your Columbus adoption attorney will serve as your advocate during this process, making sure that you take the right steps and anticipating potential issues before they come up. Meanwhile, you can focus on the prospect of adding a new member to your family and preparing appropriately.

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